Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ah, City Living....

I don't know why we didn't move to St. Louis sooner! I love, love, love living in the city. We have been here for almost a year now and it truly feels like "home". Sometimes when I drive around, it doesn't even feel like I am in the city. I don't know if that makes sense or not.

There are so many things to do and they are all right at your fingertips. For instance, today Nicole and I are going to Soulard's Farmers Market. This is one of the best activities STL has to offer! Vendors come and sell their fresh fruits, veggies, spices, lotions, soaps, whatever you can imagine. We go for the fresh produce- it is SO inexpensive. I will probably leave the market today with $20 worth of produce, which would have cost double that at Schnucks.
Then, tonight we are meeting Keith's family at a restaurant on The Hill (a district in STL known for it's Italian restaurants). We have easy access to shopping, museums, sporting events, parks, lil coffee shops, concerts, you name it.....

I know that STL is not a big city. We are definitely no Chicago, LA or New York, but it is a perfect size for me. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so spread out (and if you live here, you know what I mean). I would love to ditch my car and walk everywhere! But, that doesn't stop me from loving our "city life".
The one thing that I think about is the school system. When we have children, I don't want them to go to STL public schools. If I am still working for the city, we will have to live in the city and it might be our only option (unless we can afford private). But, I had a great primary and secondary education, in a small high school and I would like that for our future children. Ok, ok, ok... I don't even need to worry about that yet. We don't have children, we definitely don't have school age children.

So, for now, I will just be content where we are- right in the midst of it all- good food, good shopping, good music, good people watching.... good ole city living!

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Val, that's me said...

I love STL too and always wanted to live there. We love the small areas within the city. So fun, trendy, yuppie....different. We just love it. Keep enjoying it, Corie!