Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bonding Weekend!!!

My niece, Riley, is coming for the weekend tomorrow!!! I am so excited. Her dad is dropping her off in STL on his way to Tennessee. Keith and I get to have Riley be our guest all weekend. She has never come to STL by herself before. It will be our first time to have Riley all to ourselves in the city. We have lots of fun plans and she has no idea what we have in store for her. Everything is a surprise. I took a day off work tomorrow since she will be arriving around 8:30 am. We will just lounge around the apartment for awhile. Then I plan on taking her to see an afternoon matinee of Charlotte's Web (one of my all time favorite children stories!). After our movie (since Uncle Keith will be at work all day) we will be coming back to the apartment to make Valentine's Day cookies. When Keith gets home we are making individual pita pizzas for dinner and I rented 3 movies- How to Eat Fried Worms, The Chronicles of Narnia and Ice Princess. Or, we could always pop in one of the Harry Potter movies. I told Ry to pack a good book, so maybe we will read a few chapters before bed. Saturday morning she will come with me to the gym while I work out and then we are heading to The Magic House. This will be a first time for Ry and myself! I can't wait to touch the electric ball that will make our hair stand on end! Saturday night we are going to go to Forest Park and ice skate on the outdoor rink. Sunday will be our lounge day...maybe watch a movie we didn't get a chance to watch and just hang out.
I am seriously so excited for her visit. She is the most amazing little girl and I want to cherish the moments I have with her while she is still young. We've always had a very special bond. I can't wait to make some great memories this weekend!!!!