Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just Call Me a First Responder

Keith and I got home from Decatur around 4:30 today. (We had a surprise 50th Birthday Party for my mom, which I have been dying to blog about and now that it is over, I actually can. I could never post anything before since she reads my blog!)

We were both so tired from the entire weekend. We had zero motivation to do anything. For those of you who don't know, we live in a second story apartment in South St. Louis, near a very busy intersection. Noise is no stranger to us, especially during beautiful spring days when all of our windows are open. Today was no exception. We could hear loud men talking outside for over 10 minutes.

Oh, it may come in handy to know that I am nosey.

I am standing at the front window, watching the loud men talk outside of this elusive "LOAD" club. Keith and I have lived here for over a year and we are not sure what goes on in this "LOAD" building across the street. There is a simple white sign that says LOAD with a bulldog in a spiked collar between the O and the A. We see men go in and out of this building at all times during the day, 7:00am, 11:00pm and all the hours in between.

Back to the original story.
So, there are two very loud men talking at the sidewalk in front of LOAD, next to a convertible with a woman and 3 young kids in it. After their lengthy, loud conversation, one of the men get into the convertible. He starts to do an illegal(?) u-turn in the middle of our street. He is still turning around talking to the other loud man on the sidewalk. The convertible driver is not looking where he is going. Another car is coming down the road and hits the convertible. It was, for a lack of a more descriptive word, crazy. I have never seen an accident happen from beginning to end like that and right before my eyes. Everyone involved seemed to be ok, including the 3 kids. The kids and the women went into the LOAD building. The two drivers stayed outside, along with the man from the sidewalk. I can pretty much hear their entire conversation. The other car wants to call the police and the convertible man and his friend do not want to call the police, claiming that no one was hurt so there is no need to call. The friend went to work immediately cleaning up the debris on the street. They got the bumper and other car parts out of the road and had the glass swept up within a matter of 5 minutes.

I took it upon myself to make the call. I dialed 911 and reported the accident. I gave the operator my number in case the cops needed to talk to a witness. I wanted to make sure the other driver wasn't at any fault, because from my view, he wasn't.

As I was writing this, I began wondering if I am even allowed to write all of these details on my blog. Does anyone know if I can? I don't know why it started to worry me, but it did. So, if you read this and you know that I should not be posting this, please let me know and I will remove the post.

The end of the story- after all that we forgot all about our tiredness and I even finished unpacking!


it's me, Val said...

Wow, Corie! What a moment, eh? I think it's ok you posted it. It wouldn't be if you had to go to court, but I doubt you will. Good for you, btw! :)

Anonymous said...

actually, the department of nosey people and others' affairs is TOTALLY going to be all over this....haha! just kidding... it doesn't matter in ANY way that you posted that... you were just telling your version of the story... there is no harm in that as long as that is what you would say in court... and i know you are an honest person, so no worries!!!