Friday, May 4, 2007

Beyond Ridiculous

Ok, about a week ago I was driving to work, listening to Joy FM on the radio (97.7 for St. Louisians). The morning show hosts were talking about a lawsuit. Not just any lawsuit- the most RIDICULOUS lawsuit I have ever heard of! Here is a very condensed version...

Apparently there is a man (a lawyer/judge) who went to the same dry cleaners for years. They lost a pair of his pants. He is suing this little company for $65 million! That's right, you read it correctly, the man is suing $65 million dollars for a pair of lost suit pants! They said he has justified the amount, including over $1,000 to replace the suit, as well as a rental car/gas/insurance once a week for 10 years! He had to rent a car to drive to a new dry cleaners across town. He lives in D.C. and the other dry cleaner was within walking distance of his house. The dry cleaner's offered him 3 different settlements, up to $12,000, I think. He refused all 3 offers.

This is just crazy to me. He should never be allowed to take this case to court! As a matter of fact, he should have to reimburse the tax dollars he has wasted with this petty, childish lawsuit. Let them replace the pants and be done with it.


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it's me, Val said...

Ok, THAT is absolutely insane!!! I'd hate to feel the bitterness in life that he must feel. Poor soul!