Thursday, June 21, 2007


So much has happened over this week. I guess I will start from the beginning, but with shortened versions of everything that has happened.

I wrote a post last weekend about Keith, how he was feeling sick and diagnosed with a kidney infection. They put him on antibiotics last Saturday and we figured it was only a matter of time until he was feeling 100% again. We were wrong.

He didn't feel much better on Sunday. As a matter of fact, he had a really bad night Sunday night. I wasn't sure what to do. I could feel the panic attack coming on, but went to our room, spent some time in prayer and thankfully God was able to calm me so I could focus on Keith. I stayed home with him on Monday and we went to our regular physician. She wanted blood work done, told him to stay on the antibiotic and they would call by Friday with the lab results. I had to go back to work on Tuesday, so his mom came over to stay with him (she offered and I accepted, Keith didn't want to "put anyone out"). Keith called me at work and told me that the lab called and said he was in renal failure and he needed to get to the doctor. Of course, we were both SO scared. I mean, how did what we thought was a kidney infection progress to kidney failure?!? We all met at the doctor's office and Keith was admitted to Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL. Our physician in still in IL, we never found a new doctor when we moved to St. Louis. We learned that his kidneys had not actually failed, but "acute renal failure". From what I have gathered, the kidneys were in distress, which could have led to renal failure, had the appropriate actions not been taken.

(big breath cause this is a long story and alot of information)

So, they administered IV fluids, took a lot of blood, did an ultrasound and then told me that I wouldn't be able to stay the night with him at the hospital. My mom was driving down and told me that she would get us a close hotel to stay at, so we could just get right up Wednesday morning and go right back to the hospital, instead of driving all the way back to St. Louis for the night. I am so thankful my mom drove down. I needed to see her face. You know how your mom always is able to comfort? I needed that motherly comfort. *So, THANK YOU Momma, for coming down and keeping us company!*

Back to the updates- the ultrasound came back fine- no kidney stones. His blood levels are returning to normal, slowly but surely. Still not completely back to normal, but the high levels are definitely dropping. They did a renal scan today, which will show any problems with kidney function. We haven't gotten the results from that yet. I don't know if we will get those tonight or tomorrow when the nephrologist comes back in. They said he will probably be here for a couple of days still. Just running tests, tests and more tests. It is so strange for a young, healthy man to have kidney issues. Oh, and he was able to get off his IV, so he no longer totes around the "buddy" as we have come to call it. AND, the most exciting part to Keith- his diet restriction was lifted, so he can eat whatever he wants now. The past two days have been bland, low potassium, low sodium, no dairy foods. The doctor lifted all restrictions, so he will be ordering whatever he wants for dinner tonight and I am pretty sure I will be making a Bobby's run before I leave for the evening. (For those out of towners, Bobby's is yummy, yummy frozen custard)

The hospital does have free wi-fi, so I was able to bring the laptop up, which helps pass the time. Keith is able to check his fantasy baseball teams, email and all that. We have our DVD player and are in the middle of Dreamgirls. Showing later tonight or tomorrow will be The Queen. We have books, magazines, Phase 10 and other card games to keep us entertained. If only the hospital had an outdoor pool, we could stay here for a week. Of course, we are praying that he is able to go home as soon as possible, but may as well make the best of it while he is here.

We have been very fortunate. People were praying for Keith immediately. We know that the prayers are working and God has answered many of them. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. We know that God has been right beside us and that is the most comforting thing of all, definitely more comforting that the hospital bed! :)

I will keep updates posted on my blog, so please check back. Pass the link on to anyone that doesn't check my blog, but would want to know the updates.
Thanks again for all the concerns and love- it means so much to both of us to know that so many people love and care for Keith!!!!! We are so blessed with amazing families and friends!


Anonymous said...

Praise God, Corie. tell Keith i'm praying for him. by the way, is he wearing those gowns? make sure youpost a picture of him in them when all of this non sense is over, so we can all laugh together. God is good and will prevail over this in his body. be strong. love, rod.

Anonymous said...

i'm checking this from school, so i can actually post a comment!!! anyway, i'm of course thinking of you and guys and am hoping it will all be over soon... keith is a bad ass, i know he'll get himself healthy in no time!!!! :) i'm here for you guys if you need ANYTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

We're all thinking about you guys and everyone at work asks CONTINUOUSLY!!! Lots of prayers going on for the two of you....and everyone KNOWS Keith will be just fine!! Corie, we all love you!! TRULY!!! Karen

Sheila said...

Oh my!! I had no idea!! I am so sorry to learn of Keith's illness; you are both lucky to have God on your side. Keith is lucky that you know the medical system so well, Corie. I will keep checking your blog for updates. With love and prayers, Sheila