Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Purpose, Gifts and God

My small group (bible study) is going to spend time studying the Book of Titus. Last night was our first night on this topic. We got into what we feel like God has planned for us in this season of our life, who we think God has placed in our path, who is in our sphere of influence to bring to Christ.... that kind of thing.

This can be a frustrating topic for me. I SO want to know God's big picture for my life. I want the future revealed to me and I have a hard time with the fact that until I ask God to reveal the small pictures to me, I may never know His bigger plan. I ask God to reveal what the future holds, instead of concentrating on what He wants from me today. I also struggle with what spiritual gift(s) God has given me, what my passions are. I don't know if I am using the talents that God has created me for because I am unsure of what those gifts are.

I long to figure out what my spiritual gifts are, how God has wired me and how He wants me to use those attributes to serve others. I am afraid that I will want different gifts than the ones He has given me. You know, like I will want the gift of hospitality, but was given the gift of mercy. Not that mercy is a bad thing, but hopefully you know what I mean.....
I know that until I figure out what my gifts are and begin to put them to God's use, I will feel a little less than complete. I also know that until I put my agenda aside and focus completely on His plan, I will feel a little less than complete. It is very hard for me to relinquish control, ask my husband. I don't know if I know how to let go. I just know that I have to.

So, my application for this week is to read verses concerning spiritual gifts. I am also going to search spiritual gifts online and take a quiz, which might help point me in the direction of my spiritual gift. I'll keep you posted on my findings.

If you know your spiritual gifts, I would love to hear what they are. Also, do you think your gifts have changed over the years or your walk with God? What season are you in right now? What does God have planned for you right now? Leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear about it.......

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it's me, Val said...

Corie, I honestly don't know what my spiritual gift is. Really, I don't. Can you tell me? Can someone tell me? I really don't know. I'm also not sure I'm walking the path I'm suppose to be, by doing the things I'm suppose to be doing. I think I am, but some days I question it. It's hard to see the big picture. It's hard to let go for me also, Corie. I really have a hard time with this one. I really wish I could answer your questions, but I can't. I am so clueless lately and I wish I wasn't. I think that's been part of the problem with this house stuff. The answers were right there, but we were overlooking them....looking for something better that WE wanted. You know how that goes. Anyway, I am just so ready to get my feet wet and get back on track with my life. My personal life, but especially my spiritual life. xo