Thursday, July 5, 2007

Birthday Girl

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Nicole, aka "Nikki J". Nicole and I have been friends since high school. I have to tell this story (and I think she hates to hear it).....

I was a sophmore in high school when I first met Nicole. The first time I noticed her was during the PE class that we shared. We always did calesthinics before PE and most girls put as little effort as possible into PE. Not Nicole! I looked over and here is this girl busting out "boy-style" push ups, while the rest of us are taking the easy way out with "girl" push ups. By the end of class I learned that she was a new freshman from TN. It didn't take long for us to become friends. We were almost inseperable for the rest of high school.

Our friendship has endured break-ups, deaths, bad hair cuts, tears, and living on different continents. We have only grown closer over the years. She is such an amazing person. I wish her the happiest birthday ever!!!


it's me, Val said...

So sweet!! And what beautiful pictures of you two! Happy Birthday, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the post corie!!!! :)i had a wonderful b'day at ted drewes!!! :) you are an awesome and amazing friend, and how beautifully you put all of the things we have been through together!! it really is amazing and i cherish it everday!! thanks again!!!! (for the post AND for being my friend :) )