Friday, September 14, 2007


Ah, Friday.. my favorite day of the week. Especially this week.

Two blissful days without thinking about work. (Can you tell that my new job has not gotten much better yet?!) I have to have faith that it will get better, but it gets harder and harder. My boss did come over to the clinic and talk today. I actually felt better after he left, so that is an improvement.....

So, here it is, Friday. I am exhausted. My husband is going to the Cardinal game tonight. I don't want to cook, I want Chinese takeout. I suppose I could eat it off of one of the 3,000 moving boxes that have taken residence in our apartment.....

I have a post that has been forming in my head all day, but it is a serious topic and I am just not up for it right now..... I'll do it tomorrow. For now, I have to find the number to my favorite takeout restaurant.

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