Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Drumroll Please......

And the winner of BAFAB Week is.......


Erin, I'll just need you to email me your address. :)
I'm so excited that the person who inspired me to BAFAB is the winner!!!
(by the way, the winner was chosen by drawing a name out of a bag... completely diplotmatically!)

Look for more BAFAB Week contests in upcoming months!
Thanks for all the comments!

Happy Reading!!


Erin said...

Me...are you serious? Well in that case, don't worry about mailing it to me since I'm going to SEE you in like 16 days : ) Save yourself the shipping. Woo hoo! Thank you, thank you. This is very exciting. I mean I love giving away the books, but to get one too...that's just so cool. Thank you Corie!

Karen said...

Erin...Enjoy your book!!! Congratulations!!
Corie's buddy,

Anonymous said...

sure ok you just didnt want a CUB fan to win