Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby Talk

I was watching Oprah yesterday. Well, I watched Oprah until the show was interrupted for live coverage of the Mitchell Report. (Which made me very angry, by the way).

I was so thankful that I was home to catch this show. Did any of you get a chance to tune in?
Oprah had a guest, Priscilla Dunstan, who claims to have discovered a "baby language". Of course, at first I was skeptical. She says that this language is universal, regardless of race or culture. The language consists of 5 "pre-cries"- the sounds the baby makes right before the crying becomes hysterical.

So, Dunstan is suggesting that there are 5 sounds that babies use to communicate with us.
"Neh"-I'm hungry

"Owh"-I'm sleepy

"Heh"-I'm having discomfort

"Eairh"-I have lower gas/upset stomach

"Eh"-I need to burp

They taped numerous babies making the different sounds, so you could hear the difference. After awhile, you could hear and understand the difference between the 5 sounds. It is really interesting.

She sat with a room of new moms and listened to their children cry. She would hear which of the 5 sounds the baby was making and let the mom know what their child may be saying. The mom would take appropriate action and the child would calm down.

If this is indeed true, can you imagine how helpful this will be?!?!

Dunstan said that children will try to use this language until 3 months. If the language has been ignored, they will not continue to use it. If the language has been acknowledged and responded to, they will continue to use their language after 3 months.

I just thought this was really intriguing.....
What about you moms out there? Have you heard of this? What are your thoughts or opinions on the subject?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't have any kids, but I have heard of this before. And just from being around my SEVEN nieces and nephews long enough (when they were babies), I was able to pick up on it, too. I totally believe this.
It's interesting, for sure.
God bless :)

Sarah said...

I didn't see the show.

I'll be honest, a lil skeptical over here. But it definitely sounds interesting.

With my little girl, even though I didn't hear those particular sounds, I usually knew what she needed. Not the first day and most likely not the first week, but it comes.

And as a first time mommy, that was a relief to me, because before she was born I was pretty sure I'd never know what to do with her once she was out! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't remember you or Dot with special babytalk...What ever you cooed was either

wipe ya
burp ya
love ya


Christy G said...

well i'm not a mom but this is crazy cool!! i don't know if i'm a believer but i def. will pay attention to the sounds babies make next time i'm around a little one!!

Anonymous said...


You just learn over time. I could tell you whenever Ella cries what she wants. It is a mother instinct if you ask me. You will figure it out just like everyone else! :)

Love ya


Cerella said...

I actually bought this for my sister before she had her son, Amos. She felt that he was only making one of the sounds from the DVD. Not to say that it's not for real....we just felt that for the money it was kind of a rip. I mean, you already have what the sounds are....there isn't much more to learn from the DVD. :)

Anonymous said...

I think we talked about this, I can't remember, but I actually have the DVD she has, Emily has it now, but when she gets done with it you can borrow it. I thought it was stupid, but who may like it!!!