Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Learning Something New Every Day......

I gotta tell ya, I had NO IDEA how much things would change with me after I became pregnant. Of course, I realize the basics, my belly is going to get bigger (along with other body parts), I was going to feel more tired and possibly sick, and all the usuals. But, I have discovered so many more changes that I was not prepared for!

-Not only am I tired, but I have no guilt about "resting" now. BP (before pregnancy), I was not an advocate of naps or just laying around. I felt like there was always something more productive to be doing. Naps were a waste of my time. Now, I nap and I sleep for about 10 hours/night on the weekends! I never used to sleep past 7:00 or 7:30 on Saturday or Sunday mornings, but now.... 8:00 or 8:30 is not an uncommon time for me to roll out of bed. AND, it doesn't even bother me! BP, I would have felt like I wasted my day getting out of bed at that time. I just keep telling myself to enjoy it while I can because I am sure things will change once June comes!

-Smells! Oh, the smells. My nose has developed a mind of its own. I can smell something 15 minutes before anyone else does. Sometimes my acute sense of smell makes me think I am going crazy. For instance, today at work I smelled chicken. No one else smelled it. I kept asking, are you sure you don't smell chicken? Turns out, a coworker was eating chicken in her office down the hall with the door closed!
Coffee is another strong smell to me. I used to adore a cup of coffee. Now, the mere smell of it makes me sick. I am so hoping that this goes away after Baby Book comes. I miss my morning cup of joe. One thing about the new and improved sense of smell- there is no in between. Smells either are pleasing or make me sick.

-The aches and pains. Don't get me wrong, I knew they would come, I just didn't realize they would come so early on. My back hurts from time to time and sometimes I feel like my ribs are bruised. I can't stand on my feet for long periods of time barefoot. Oh, and I get out of breath just climbing the stairs. I know this will only get worse...

-My shopping habits. I used to be a shopaholic. Seriously, I had a problem. Once I found out I was pregnant, there went my desire for "new" things. Sure, I need some new maternity clothes and things like that. But, I truly need those things. Now, what I want to buy most of all are clothes and bedding and baby furniture. I am hoping that this does not change after pregnancy. I kind of like not shopping so much and will be much easier to start our budget! :)

-Hair growth. I want the hair on my head to start growing quickly and maybe it is, but I am noticing all the other body hair. It's like I've poured Miracle Grow on my legs and underarms. I've already told Keith that there is no way I will be able to bend over and shave towards the end of the pregnancy, so he will have to help me. Oh, same goes for bending over to apply lotion. I guess I can sit down for both, but still not so sure how that will work either....

-I've become needy. Just ask Keith. He tells me all the time, but he says it in a cute way. I want him around 24/7. Not just in the apartment with me, but next to me on the couch- touching. He'll be sitting in his chair and I will be on the couch and I will just look at him and rub the empty spot next to me and he will laugh and come over to sit by me. I have a feeling he is hoping this does change after pregnancy.

These are just a few of the changes... I know I will be surprised with many more to come. I'm sure I'll share those too!

Oh, by the way, tomorrow is 19 weeks and our ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday at 11:00am. We'll know if we are having a boy or girl. I can't believe it's time for that already!!! I cannot wait to see our lil Baby Book on the screen!!!!


it's me, Val said...

Do you notice the veiny-ness, too? The fingernail growth? Do your gums bleed? Oh there's so many things! Oh the joys, oh the joys! The miracle grow thing had me lol, Cor! :)


lil ole' me..... said...

I haven't noticed veiny-ness yet. Great, another thing to look forward too! :)
My gums aren't bleeding any more than usual, but brushing my teeth seems to aggitate morning sickness. I had to switch to a manual toothbrush just to get through the brushing. The electric was too much.
Oh, I do like the fingernail growth thing. Plus, they are much stronger!

Sarah said...

Killin' me here!

Had the same aversion to coffee and even though I was sad about it, I thanked the Lord for it. It's been saving us $150 a month since I'm no longer addicted.

I didn't with my last pregnancy and still don't with this pregnancy have the hair problem. Thank goodness! Mine is just the opposite.

Fun for Keith that he'll get to help you with that!

Erica Lynn said...

When I got pregnant I had a severe aversion to caffeine in general. Even pop made me sick. I was figuring it was my body's way of keeping the baby healthy. I always knew God was amazing, but when you get pregnant it makes it more clear. I'll be praying for your health and the baby's health. Do you care if the baby is a boy or a girl?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! i love reading about your pregnancy ;) i have sooo much to look forward to! lol

Alexis Jacobs said...

I think it's funny that just a few weeks ago you were wishing for hair haha. Oh the joys of pregnancy. But in the end, it is all so worth it.