Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nervous Nelly

That's me... because Friday will be my first night away from my daughter.

Keith and I are attending a marriage retreat with our church at a hotel in St. Louis. The guest speakers are Cliff and Joyce Penner. The entire weekend is going to be spent discussing intimacy and SEX! How fun will that be?!?!

The retreat starts at 1:00 on Friday and goes until 12:00 Saturday. My sister in law is coming over Friday morning to watch Chloe. Another friend of ours is staying the night with Chloe and will be with her until we get back on Saturday.

I am so excited for the time alone with my hubby. But, I am nervous about being away from Chloe. I hope to have everything laid out to make the least amount of work for the sitters as possible. I am such an organization freak and Chloe is on a schedule, so I need to type out my notes for them before Friday. My fear is that she will be unbelievable fussy for some reason or not sleep through the night (which she has been doing for over 6 months).

I know that everything will be fine, but I am still nervous.


Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...

Fun for you guys! You'll have to tell us what you learned! ;)

And yup, Chloe will be fine. You crack me up that you're going to print out notes.

I wish I were more like that, I think I'm too laid back sometimes.

Greta said...

Yea - time away with the hubs!
You will miss her, but you'll enjoy the time away...I'm sure!

AJU5's Mom said...

We left AJU5 with my parents last night - and I was nervous the WHOLE time we were at class (at church). She did great, but I am definitely not used to leaving her. Hopefully you will be distracted enough not to worry too much over the weekend!

Lilypad Mom said...

This will be wonderful for you guys. I am really looking forward to April, it will be our first night together without LP. I'm nervous too, although she's a lot older, it is hard to leave them that first time.

One thing I have learned, that no matter how scheduled you are, how strict or relaxed you are, how organized you are, someone else will do it a little bit differently. But kids are so easy, they know it's not mommy and adapt well to little changes for a day with someone else. She will have a wonderful time and hopefully you will too!

Louise said...

That sounds like a fabulous time of reconnecting...enjoy it and know that your baby is in good hands!
All the best dear, I hope that you and your hubby can enjoy that time together to the fullest :)

Laura said...

I say Congratulations on leaving your baby girl for a little while.

Let me know how it goes--in May I'm going to a concert in Seattle that I can't take Carly to which will mean time away.

Alexis Jacobs said...

This is good for you guys. How did it go? How did Chloe do?

Lilypad Mom said...

How did your weekend go?