Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Little Songwriter

Chloe has discovered Toy Story.
The first two movies were on tv over Christmas break, so I dvr-ed them, thinking someday she will want to see them. She hasn't had any interest in movies up to this point.

Well, she LOVES Toy Story! All of a sudden it is the only thing she wants to watch. Over and over and over.

She got a plush Woody doll for Christmas, who MUST sleep with her in her crib at night.
Keith and I heard her singing a song over the monitor one evening. We couldn't believe what we heard, so we turned the volume up a notch. Sure enough, Chloe was singing, "Everbody's got a Woody!" again and again and again.

Oh boy. Let's hope that song doesn't go public. I have a feeling some people just wouldn't understand.


R.A.M. head on! said...

YEAH! I a hope to start my blogging again too! It helps me stay some what sane!

YAY! excited to have Chloe on the TS road! They are great stories that will bring lots of smiles. There are TONS of TS books out there too!

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