Friday, December 29, 2006


So, yesterday I mentioned one of my addictions- shopping. I figure I might as well go with this theme. Another one of my addictions- reruns.

I don't understand it, but there are certain shows that I can watch over and over and over again. Shows such as Friends (yes, I own all 10 seasons on DVD), Seinfeld (yep, got those on DVD too), Sex and the City (don't have any of those seasons... yet), oh and one of my newer obsessions and I am embarrassed to admit this- The Girls Next Door.

I have no idea why I can watch these shows 1,000 times. I do know that it drives my husband nuts! Poor Keith, he is so sick of Friends. I take at least one season with me every where we go. When we go back to Decatur for the weekend, Friends and my portable DVD player are packed with me, right in the front seat. I know that I am soon going to ruin Sex and the City for him (yes, he is one of the rare men who will watch that show!).

It is mostly just half hour sitcoms but my two exceptions used to be Beverly Hills 90210 and Felicity. I can't find these reruns on tv anymore. :(

The strange thing is, I never get tired of them......
Since Keith is going out tonight, I think I will fall asleep to Season 10 of Friends!

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Val, that's me said...

Corie, we are soooo alike. I could watch Seinfeld and Felicity alllllll day long. Dh loves Seinfeld as much as I do. I keep saying that they need to make a trivia Seinfeld game. (They don't, do they?) My cousin has the Felicty dvd's and I watch them sometimes. I love Keri Russell!! Ok, going off topic.... I just find it so funny, but so neat, how alike we are. :) Enjoy your reruns!!!!