Friday, December 22, 2006


I don't have children of my own, yet... so, I get my "kid fixes" from my niece, nephew and my friend's children.

This is a conversation between me and my 7 year old niece, Riley, with my sister playing the middle man.

I was talking to my sister, Dottie, on the phone. She was driving home from the gym, kids in the back seat. I could hear my lil niece in the background, so I told Dot to tell her "hi" from me. This is how the rest of the conversation goes:

Dot: "Riley, Aunt Cor says hi."
Riley: "Tell her I said salutations."
Dot: "Corie, Riley says salutations."
Me: (amazed that my niece, even as intelligent as she is, knows this word) "Has she been watching Charlotte's Web?"
Dot: "Riley, have you been watching Charlotte's Web?"
Riley: "no."
Dot: "Then why did you say salutations?"
Riley: "I don't know. It means greetings."

I LOVE how her little brain works. I LOVE that she is learning new things each and every day. She has been shocking me with her vocabulary since she learned how to talk. When she was very little her big word used to be 'actually'. Just imagine a two year old walking around saying "Actually, I was wearing my purple shorts" or "Actually, the girl's name was Katie" or whatever....

I can't wait for Tucker to start talking too!

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Val, that's me said...

How cute, Corie! Can't wait to see ya tomorrow.... :)