Sunday, December 17, 2006

To travel or not to travel, that is the question

Keith and I have a big decision to make and only a few days to make it.
We are deciding whether or not to take a trip to London in March, with our friend Nicole. There is a sale on flights from Chicago to London for $177 each way. So, that means a flight to London for less than $400. Pretty cheap. We have until December 19th to book the flight.

We have no money saved specifically for this trip. So, the entire flight would have to go on our credit card. We would have 3 months to save for our hotel and "to-do's" while we are in London, but will still end up putting some of the trip on our credit card.

I am struggling with this decision. I would LOVE to see London! Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Stonehenge, plus so much more! Oh, and we were thinking about a day trip to Paris while we are there. I think Chunnel tickets from London to Paris are about $100.

So, obviously, there are pros and cons to this decision....

  • we have no children, so no responsibility in that aspect
  • we have the time to take from work
  • trip of a lifetime
  • Nicole can go with us (and she has been to London)
  • flights are on sale


  • we would have to put the trip on credit card
  • we are hoping to buy a house in the summer (and this would give us a bit more debt)
  • it is really an impulsive trip (is this a pro or con? hmmmm...)

I don't know what to do. We don't have much time to think about it. Sometimes I think "we only live once- go for it!" Other times I think of all the things we want to accomplish here and this would set us back, but not too much. I cannot imagine walking around in London and taking in all the history and culture..... I know it would be amazing!

A friend of mine said that the only thing you should put on your credit card is travel. I keep thinking about that. But, is that just me trying to rationalize a trip?

I'll keep you posted on our decision.


Val, that's me said...

Corie, DO IT! Seriously, do it. You are right when you say that you do not have children. When you do have them, trust me, you will not be going to London and most likely won't be able to afford and if you can, the time spent just wouldn't be the same. You don't get the quality time with dh. (Trust me, I've been to Hawaii and that was with a child in tow and while it was trip of a lifetime, it held us back a bit from some things.) Also, if that is the only debt you have on your credit card, be thankful! (That's all I have to say on that one.) And lastly, when you buy a home for the first time as a married couple you get all kinds of breaks. The first time regardless of whether you have debt or not, it will be so easy for you guys to do it. You must do the trip. Especially if you have the time. I think your pros outweigh your cons. I also think you already know your answer. (Am I a bad influence or what?!)

Karen said...

do it it..... Prolong buying your house for a few months if you have to ....thats not a big deal. But once you buy a house you won't be able to go to London ...for a while anyway.