Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wrap It Up

I love buying gifts for people. Not just for Christmas or birthdays, but just for any ole' reason. For a new job, a new home, as a thank you... whatever the case may be.
Well, of course, Christmas is a time for giving gifts. Not only do I love buying the gifts for family and friends, I love to WRAP them! I wrapped my first 3 gifts tonight. I like to spread out my gift wrapping. I do not do it all in one night. I will be wrapping a few gifts each night for the rest of the week. Presentation is very important to me. I love to use decorative boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon, and other lil trinkets to add to the package. I rarely use gift bags because that means that my work is already done.

I can remember the first time I learned to curl ribbon. It was such an accomplishment for me! I can remember when my friends used to make fun of my presents because I could never get the corners to lay flat.. I just kinda bunched the wrapping paper up and taped it. (this was probably in 7th grade) But, I like to think I have perfected my wrapping abilities. Each gift looks different and unique. And, for one night (because I wait and wrap some at the very last second), they all sit under the tree and look so pretty.
The kids (my niece, mainly) usually hate it because they have to cut away so much ribbon to get to their actual gift! She must not be old enough yet to appreciate the "look" of the present.
Hopefully someday she will share my love of wrapping and I can teach her how to curl ribbon....

I know, I'm a dork.... :)

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Val, that's me said...

Corie, I consider myself a "professional wrapper" (very loosely of course!). I wrapped gifts at Von Maur one Christmas and I LOVED IT.