Sunday, January 14, 2007


My friend Alicia told me about this website for elf cosmetics. I guess Niemann Marcus or some other department store bought them out and their stuff is so cheap!

I wasn't so sure about the quality at first, but for the prices, it was worth a shot. Most things are $1.00!!!

I was pretty pleased with almost everything I bought. It took about 5 weeks to get my order, but I wasn't in any rush.

I got new brushes and a carrying case for $9.00. One brush would have normally cost more than $9.00. I also really like their mascara and lip gloss. I ordered a few more things too, but these three items are my favorites!

If you are interested in checking out their site....


Val, that's me said...

Why did you have to wait 5 weeks??

Corie said...

I don't know why I had to wait 5 weeks. I guess their warehouse is bombarded with orders and it takes them awhile to get the product out....I think I may place another order though... :)