Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our "slogan"

Ok, I have to share something my husband sent me in an email. I read this email at work yesterday and it made me laugh aloud for a good 30 seconds. My co workers probably think I am crazy~ just sitting there laughing at my computer.

So, we are emailing back and forth about how we are really gonna eat healthy. We don't have a bad diet by any means, but we do get lazy from time to time and grab quick food or order pizza. We are promising each other that we will keep the other person motivated. Keith emails me that we will do it because we have a goal- "Sexy for Carolina". He tells me that this will be our motto. (by the way, we are trying to plan a trip to the beach in South Carolina with my sister, her family and my friend Tracy and her family).

I just thought his motto "Sexy for Carolina" was sooo funny, especially coming from a man. You may not find it funny... as I reread my post, it doesn't seem as funny as when it was coming from his email.
But, I love my husband.... he makes me laugh every day, but this laugh was particularly memorable. :)

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