Thursday, January 18, 2007

Purple Twinkies?

I have a friend, Amanda, who is about 6 months pregnant right now. I had the chance to spend some quality girly time with her the other day. She was telling me about a book she got for Christmas- the Jenny McCarthy pregnancy book. Apparently it is "what your girlfriends never told you happens during pregnancy" kind of book. Issues like pooping on the delivery table and "purple twinkies" are discussed. I have heard of the pooping thing before, but never the "purple twinkies".

Oh, this may be an appropriate stopping point if you are a lil more on the conservative side. Personally, I like to "let it all hang out" (but not in the purple twinkie sense!)

Anyway, purple twinkies refer to a woman's labia when she is pregnant. Sometimes they become engorged with blood and swell and look like purple twinkies (according to this book).
I was flabbergasted by this! First of all, I think the name "purple twinkies" is absolutely hysterical! This does not sound like a comfortable situation, but from what I hear, what is comfortable about being pregnant?

I would love to have children someday. I hope to be able to experience pregnancy, with all of its ups and downs. But, I do hope that I never have the chance to say that I have had "purple twinkies".


Val, that's me said...

Haha...yep. I read that book, too. It's really good. I read it in a day. So funny. I read it during my pg'cy with Maia and so to everything I was like "uh-huh", "Yeah..." and "Oh my God, that happened to others too?!" :) She has one on parenting, too, which I have yet to read but I do want to. Oh the things you get to look forward, to, Corie. I actually posted a long while back on my Yahoo 360 blog about this actual thing. I will have to dig it up and post it on your behalf ;):)

Karen said...

Purple Twinkies.......All I can say is, ...............Purple Twinkies..........WHAT A DESCRIPTIVE NAME. Keith must laugh 24 hours a day living with you Corie. And by the way, did you ask your mom about Purple Twinkies?

Corie said...

I haven't asked my Mom about purple twinkies, but bet your bottom dollar that I am calling her this afternoon while we are driving to Bloomington! :)