Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pointless Question....

*some characters names have been changed in order to spare their identity*

As some of you may know, I work at a Health Department as a Public Health Counselor in the Communicable Disease Department.
I was working diligently at my desk today when a co-worker, *Mary*, came into my office. Our conversation went like this,
"Hi Corie"
"Hi Mary"
"Do you know where we keep our Biohazard now?" (some recent changes have taken place at the Health Dept)
"Yes, we take it to the room on the first floor that is by the side entrance to the building off Samuel Shepard Drive"
Mary looks at me questioningly. So I give a more detailed description of where the new Biohazard room is.
Mary then says,
"Well, I am just going to leave it here" (and places it in my office!) "since I have a class I need to get to"
Mary exits.

I sit at my desk and look at this container of Biohazard (probably supplies used from HIV testing) and cannot believe that she left it in my office! You cannot leave the building without going to the first floor (duh!) so I know that she will pass by this room at least once during the day (on her way home).
Don't ask me a question if you are going to completely ignore my answer.

The Biohazard is still sitting in my room. If I have a really stubborn week, I will leave it there all week. Even though I pass by the Biohazard room every day on my way out.

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Keith said...

If I know you, that Biohazard is still in your office. Stubborn, stubborn.