Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Keith's First Day of School

First off, how have I let so much time go by since my last blog?!?!?

Secondly, my husband started his Master's program today. Actually, he is in class right now, as I am typing. He was accepted into McKendree's Teaching in Transistion program. It is an intense, fast paced program to get his masters in education. He will be in a school teaching this fall, if you can believe that. So, as you can see, when I said it's an intense program, I meant it.

I am so proud of him. I have toyed with the idea of going back for my masters, but something has always held me back. Keith is doing it, he is pursuing his dream. He is doing what he knows will be best for us and our future family. (Right now his hours are long and late, not ideal for the two of us, much less when we would have kids). I know that he has a passion for helping others. I see him come alive when he is educating his clients on exercise or nutrition (have I mentioned he is a personal trainer/fitness specialist?). He will make an awesome high school teacher. I know that he has so much to offer youth, especially youth attending high needs schools, where he will be teaching.

The next few months will be hard for the both of us. It will be hard for Keith because his days will be long, juggling his two jobs, plus a full time school schedule. He works full time, was already taking 2 undergrad courses, and is now adding class on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-10:00pm. This schedule will last 6 weeks, then it gets even more intense. McKendree told him it will be very hard to work during the summer portion of the program, because it is so intense and they have so much to do in so little time.
It will be hard for me because I will see my husband even less than I do now. Basically I will not see him at all Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. He will be home on Wednesday nights around 8:45, so I'll see him for an hour or so before bed. I will be living for the weekends. Thank goodness it will only be until August. I will have to hang on to the fact that in August he will have a regular work schedule! He'll even be able to be home before I am. That has never happened. That will keep me going......

I know I just wrote it, but I am going to write it again- I am so proud of my husband. He is simply amazing. Maybe in the fall he will let me help decorate his classroom..... Hmmmmmm........

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it's me, Val said...

Corie, I'm sooo behind - - sorry! I think this is great for Keith! I can so see him as a teacher :) How is it going so far???