Thursday, March 8, 2007

Welcome to my Party

Hi! I apologize in advance for not being completely prepared for this party. (you will learn that this is NOT typical of me) I knew about the party from friends' blogs, but I am not a mom (yet!), so I wasn't sure if I wanted to add my name. In the end, I decided that,God willing, I will be a mom someday and I would love the chance to meet new fellow bloggers.
I have to get to work, please excuse me. In the meantime, make yourselves at home at my blog. Check things out and I will post a more "proper" party welcome when I get home this evening.


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Welcome to the party!!!!


Let A Woman Learn said...

Hi Corie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn't get all the books at first either. In fact, I had to look at the answer sheet. :-) Blessings!