Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Commenters Unite!

My friend, Karen, is having a heck of a time lately. She has a new post I'd like for you to check out. She is asking for comments and suggestions, and being a new blogger, I know she doesn't have alot of traffic yet.....

So, if you have a few moments, read her newest post and let her know how you handle it all. (you'll understand after you read....).

I know it'll make her day to hear from you!

Happy commenting!


Anonymous said...

Hey Corie,
You know how I love reading your blog, so when I saw your request to read Karen's I couldn't resist. She sounds like a hoot! I posted a comment, not that it will help, but I don't think it hurt.


Karen said...

You are so very kind. Thank You!!
Your buddy,