Monday, April 7, 2008

Celebrating 3 Decades!!!

My wonderfully, amazing husband turned 30 on Friday! I think he was a little anxious about leaving his 20s behind, but he transitioned into the 30s with grace and ease.

Here are just a couple of pictures from his birthday weekend.....

This is Keith with his 6 feet, 5 inches of lotto scratch offs (who knew that 30 scratch off tickets would be as tall as he is?!?)

Us, getting ready to go to Maggiano's on Friday night...

Keith, opening his new Nike driver, on Sunday. I figured he wouldn't be buying a new driver for some time after the baby comes, so had to splurge on him for his 30th!

Oh, we had massages on Saturday morning too (no pictures of that). Keith had a swedish massage and I had my first prenatal massage. Let's just say that I hope I can squeeze another one into our budget before my due date!

Happy 30th Birthday sweetie!
Hope you had a great weekend!!


Louise said...

That is awesome! Happy 30th to your hubby!!
My man would be a tad jealous over that driver...I won't show him..LOL!
Sounds like a lot of fun...a massage.mmm I am jealous!

Misty said...

sounds like I a lovely birthday. I have been racking my brain for how to celebrate my hubby's 34th, in a few weeks. I might borrow a bit from you, if that's alright...

Greta said...

Happy b-day to Keith! And may I say, your husband is awfully tall!

Lily Pad Mom said...

Happy birthday to your husband! It was a great weekend to have a birthday.

Jennifer said...

Oh another tall hubby! I have a 6'6 hubby. You look so cute! Can't wait to see that baby girl:)

We open a new store. would love to have ya come visit..

you can also find me on blogger

I'm a friend of Vals if you forgot:)

How was the shower? how did the pictures go?

it's me, Val said...

Now I feel bad for not having read your blog until today so I would have known to have wished Keith a happy 30th!! Hope it was great, Keith. Welcome to your 30's! Every day I have problems being in my 30's . . maybe if I took up golf I'd feel younger?? (hehe. . . just had to say that after today!) :c)