Thursday, May 15, 2008

Motherly Advice

So, I am at the point where I am thinking about starting to make my "to-pack" list for the hospital. I've looked online at suggested lists of items to pack. What I would like is your advice.....

What items were absolutely a necessity to you? What things did you pack that you didn't need?

Most of the lists suggest bringing a robe. The robe that I have is not really appropriate for a hospital stay. Do you think that a robe is necessary? I'll have to go buy a cotton robe if so.....

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I finished most of my work today. I'm not quite sure what I will do in the office tomorrow. I just know that I am pretty excited!


Louise said...

How exciting!!
I always brought my own pair of pj's and a robe and slippers. I was always there for two nights so I liked having my own stuff to wear not the hospital stuff they give you (not mooning anyone this
Other than that just the basics you use everyday!
Hope that helps;)

Greta said...

Oh, it's getting close! yea!!
I did not use a robe, in fact, I wore pj pants and a very large button down (made for easier nursing) and I didn't feel all "hospitaly".
Chapstick and gum
Your own pillow(s)
Your own blanket (basically anything soft and snuggly b/c you will definitely be uncomfortable afterwards and it's difficult to sleep).
A journal or notepad to keep track of visitors. (your memory will be a bit hazy)
Good shower stuff
Can't wait to hear all about it AND her name :)

Three Girls and a Daddy said...

Both times I made sure I had slippers, my own pillows, my own blanket (a quilt Grandma Johnson made for made me feel better!), flip flops for the shower (I'm weird about that for some reason), chapstick, nursing bra and nursing bra pads (my milk always came in early so I needed the pads), my favorite bath soap/shampoo/conditioner, camera, phone numbers and/or cell phone. These were the main things I brought...other than things for the baby. Since I just did this 3 weeks ago, it's still pretty fresh in my mind. :) You are going to do great!!!

Three Girls and a Daddy said...

One more thing....bring a couple of pony tail holders, headbands, etc...whatever you use to keep your hair back and up. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Personally I always wore the hospital stuff until the day I went home. You, um, sorta bleed alot and I didn't want to run the risk of ruining my own nice stuff.

As far as stuff, really pretty much minimal stuff. Own tolietries, gum or hard candy, if you want music then bring a cd (I am not sure what you birth plan is). Snacks for DH so he won't have to leave your side when he is hungry. Vending machine money for DH as well. (Plus there is something that makes you STARVED after giving birth and you may want to munch too). Hairties and lotion. Magazines or a book. Bring old underwear that you do not mind throwing away. I went and bought a pack of cotton ones that I just tossed afterwards.

Also, ask your dr if they will give you a stool softner afterwards. If not you may want to get some. You will want some help afterwards so it will hurt less.

There were so many things that I wish people have told me. The mesh underwear, how the squirt bottle will be your best friend, how your breasts will feel, afterwards bleeding. Feel free to email me or even call. I've been there 4 times.

You are going to do great Corie. ((hugs))

it's me, Val said...

Same as Alexis, I just wore the hospital stuff. I couldn't even fathom thinking of putting on other stuff. But of course my experience was way different than most. One thing I'm really glad I had were warm socks. It was always so cold, especially when I got out of bed. Big comfy undies -- a must. Lotion is good, too. I needed a fresh scent on me. I just felt so not me, that having a nice smell was refreshing.

My doula had squeeze balls for me. A lifesaver during contractions. Music...never had time for it nor did I ever WANT it. Crackers are good to have. I wasn't suppose to have any type of food for almost 36 hours and I was starving. My doula snuck me some crackers and that was a tummy lifesaver! Have some on hand even though you aren't suppose to. How can a person seriously not eat anything for that long?! That's torture! :)

Don't forget to read up on c-sections just in case. I tell everyone this "just in case". I never did and I wish I had. That's the best advice I think I can give anyone.

laura said...

great suggestions from all your friends! I brought pjs of my own from home and the nurses wouldn't let me wear them because they said that I was bleeding too much and would doubtlessly just ruin the pjs. the hospital does have their own robes, incredibly frumpy, but they are there!

it's me, Val said...

That's a reason why I did not WANT to wear my own pj's... Actually, I didn't even wear my own undies. Until I was released, I wore the hospital net "underwear" which is awful, but hey, it's to be ruined!

How are you, Corie?! Will you call me when you have the baby? I will post online for all your friends...

Kim said...

Bring your own shower items. You WILL want to clean up and the tiny bar of soad won't do it for ya. The robe is a good idea unless you want your bum hanging out. Chapstick is a must.

Ponytail holders or headbands are a good idea because you won't feel like doing your hair, but you're going to have visitors and you don't want crazy hair in all the photos they take. (trust me on that... i have a lot of bad hair photos) If you really want to look great in the photos bring some type of makeup that is easily and quickly applied. I know that sounds vain and unimportant but when you're looking at pictures of yourself in twelve years... trust me, it isn't pretty.

In my case, after I had my daughter I was starved because I had been there since 7am and she wasn't born until 5:30pm and I hadn't eaten all day. They took forever to bring my food and I wished I had something to get my by. So maybe some peanut butter crackers or something... just in case.

Lilypad Mom said...

I was very happy that I had a robe. LP ended up in the NICU for a couple of days, so I had to walk down the hallway whenever I wanted to see her or she needed to nurse. I was really happy that I had something of my own so I didn't feel as undressed wandering the halls and for pictures too. I did wear the hospital gowns for the first couple of days, but about day 3 (we were in for 5 because of a c-section) I was really glad that I had my nursing nightgown to change into. It was just more colorful than the grey hospital gowns and made staying there that long a little easier to take.