Friday, September 12, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship with my Tivo.

I love Tivo because I never miss a show, never watch commercials and can pause tv for a quick bathroom break.

I hate Tivo because it seems since I got it, I watch way too much tv.

A few years ago, I decided to phase out tv. I thought this would be accomplished with my "no new shows" rule. I would continue to watch the shows I was already committed to, but I would not add any new shows to my tv line up.

This lasted for about three years. Then I added Lost, Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother... and a few more shows.

Now that I am home 7 days a week, all day long, the no new show rule is completely out the window. I am actually embarrassed to admit all the shows I watch. I think I have added three new shows this fall alone. Plus, Rachael Ray and Ellen, which I Tivo daily just in case they have someone interesting on for the day.

So, if I am not blogging as much lately it is probably because I am sitting on the couch, deciding whether to watch 90210, Kitchen Nightmares, Priviledged or setting up my Season Passes for the upcoming season.

I try to justify it by rationalizing that I am not actually watching the same amount of tv since I can fast forward through any boring parts and the commercials. It's sad, very sad. Feel free to comment on how pathetic I am.

My couch is going to have a permanent indentation from my lazy bottom sitting on it.


R.A.M. head on! said...

you will soon not have as much time on your hands. I was very addicted to day time tv, never evenings, I have always worked evenings. But daytime I do since I have been home with Ryan. The only one I really try to watch anymore is Ellen. I just love her.

But soon Chloe will not allow you to watch as get in as much as you can now...soon it will be Chloe tv not mommy and daddy tv

Jennifer said...

You probably won't want to hear this but since you gave us permission....If you could be fired up about reading "The Word" as much as t.v shows just think about the many other mommy's you could be a witness too:)

Three Girls and a Daddy said...

Enjoy your shows now b/c as soon as Chloe learns about Sesame Street, Barney, etc. (even though I swore my children would never watch Barney...they do), she won't "let" you watch your shows. It will be all about what she wants! Caroline can leave the room and still know if I've changed the channel!

Alexis Jacobs said...

I too think my DVR has been my tv downfall. I can record anything and watch whenever I want. Who cares if it is 3 weeks later. I have discovered some cool shows this way.

Glad to see another 90210 fan :)

lil ole' me..... said...

Jennifer, you are right.... I didn't want to hear that, but at the same time, you made me think! :)

I actually appreciate the comment. I DO need to spend more time in God's word. My husband and I have reading time together in the evening, but I need to make time to read on my own as well.

Thanks for giving me the "kick" I need!

Sarah said...

Your Tivo is my internet.

Just this weekend I was realizing all the time I spend on here and how it affects my homemaking, mothering, wife-ing. :)

I just about threw the computer in the garbage this morning, seriously.

My husband talked me out of it.

I'm praying for better time management and I'll pray for you, too. I know how addicting certain things can be.

And I would soooo watch 90210 if I could!

Jennifer said...

your so welcome!