Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just another day

I'm here.

We are here, stuck in the house. It is too cold to get Chloe out. Not that I have anything that absolutely must be done.

We usually get out of the house to break up our days, especially Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those are the days when I am with her by myself all day. Like today.

I'm ready for spring. Ready to play outside and go for walks in the park.

I think winter is beginning to get to me. I've just been blah.

This post is even blah.

I'll stop now before I bore you to death.


Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...

You aren't boring.

I'm looking forward to spring too. I think Jaylee is also.

Maybe you could bundle her up this evening and all go out for coffee?!

Ang said...

Hey we all have days like that!! I am looking forward to spring too :)

R.A.M. head on! said...

I am still off on Tue and Thur. we will have to start planning more play dates, or walks around the mills!