Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome Landon Henry!

Our little nephew, Landon Henry, was born on Monday.

He is so precious. He was 22 1/4 inches long and weighed 8 lbs. 14oz. While is is a big baby, he feels so tiny compared to Chloe.

I have a thing for baby feet... and Landon's are no exception. He has such long feet and toes. The nurses said that they had a hard time fitting his feet on the ink stamp for his footprints. I think they are longer than Chloe's feet!

We can't wait to see him again.

Welcome to the world Landon Henry!


Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...

I love those cheeks!

Welcome, Baby!

R.A.M. head on! said...

WOW, you were right he does have big feet! But they are still precious.

Welcome to the world baby Landon!

Nightowl Mama said...

what a sweetheart..welcome to the world baby boy

Person(also known as Mommy) said...

Awwww little babies! I love them so. (I guess that's why we're having our third-well, that and the fact that I think my husband is devastatingly hot!)

There's something really cool about nieces and nephews too! My first nephew was just born last month and my sister is in labor TONIGHT with my first niece. Congrats on your little nephew.

Lilypad Mom said...

Congratulations to the new parents (and of course the aunt, uncle and big cousin!) He is adorable.