Monday, December 11, 2006

Shoe dilemma

Ok, so I have been struggling with something ever since fall began.
I love shoes! In the summer I have no problems finding cute shoes. For some reason, this fall and winter, I am having major shoe problems. I can't find any cute shoes I like!

I am trying to not wear heels all the time. I am short, my pants are usually a little bit long, plus I like the way heels make me look. But, lets face it... heels aren't so great for the tootsies all the time.

I have been looking for flat shoes, but the only shoes I am drawn to are heels. Are there any flats out there for me?!?! I have been looking for months. Ask Nicole. She has been with me on numerous shopping missions looking for the perfect flat winter shoes.

I look at other people to see what shoes they are wearing. I'm trying to get ideas. I have noticed that a lot of people wear tennis shoes. I am not a tennis shoe kinda girl unless I am coming from or going to the gym. What are my other options?

If you have suggestions or links or pictures, please send them! I refuse to believe there are no shoes out there for me!

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Val, that's me said...

corie, I wish I could help ya, but the height thing . . .well, you know ;) :)