Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shop Till You Drop.....

Ok, I will admit it- I am a total shopaholic!!!

Mostly clothes and shoes, but I do not discriminate against dvds, books, cds, picture frames, candles, blankets, jewelry... you get the picture.
Anyway, this dates back to my high school days. I remember when Tracy and I would get off work at the pool and go to the mall just to buy an outfit to wear out that night. (and I wonder why I didn't start adding to my savings account when I was younger?!)

I have not hit any of the "after Christmas" sales. Well, that is a little untrue. I did go buy my wrapping paper, ribbon, and boxes for next year. I always buy these things the day after Christmas when they are 50% off. (I said I was a shopaholic, I did not say I don't appreciate a good bargain!) But, I usually am shopping for clothes after Christmas. THIS, I have not done yet. Tonight I came so close. I was driving to the gym, talking myself in and out of going to the mall afterwards. My mission was going to be a "New Years Eve" shirt. Those of you fellow shopaholics will know what I mean by this. My husband did not know.

When I do go, I will admit, I am usually looking for myself. I am always afraid my husband is going to say "why do you spend so much money?", so I justify this by making sure I bring him home a shirt or two. That way I can say that not all of the money was spent on me..... I know, I know, this is awful.

Back to tonight~ I didn't go. This is a small personal victory! I almost always go to the mall once I get that seed planted. Now, not to say that I won't go tomorrow after work, but I am enjoying my small victory tonight!

Oh, I have a trip to North Carolina planned for next week to visit my dear friend Tracy. We always shop when we are together. Yes, same Tracy I used to shop with after work- nothing has changed in the past 10 years! If I can just hold out until then.........

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Val, that's me said...

You and Tracy have tons of fun! Enjoy your girly shopping time!!! :)