Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad Aim

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble with a few co-workers. I had to use the restroom, so I found the public bathrooms. My stall was out of seat covers, so I had to use the tried and true "hover method". I finished going #1 and turned around to flush the toilet.


I had completely missed the toilet and my pee was all over the floor.
I had white pants on and immediately pulled up my pants lets, hoping they were still dry. I cleaned up what little mess I made on the seat, washed my hands and walked as quickly as I could out of that bathroom.

Luckily, my pants were still dry.
Next time I will have to use the "toilet paper on the seat method".
Apparently my aim is not to be trusted.


it's me, Val said...

So glad your pants were ok!! How did you manage that one?! :)

I always to the hover method. I remember my grandma teaching me it when I was like 8. I have done the toilet paper one a time or two an have taught this one to N when he goes #2 in public stalls :)

Heehee, funny!

Erin said...

LOL!! That is so funny! Glad your pants are okay.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha
I guess I was slack in my hovering teaching methods...ha ha...My Mom taught me...sorry...MOM

Louise said...

That is TOO funny!!

Love the love languages post, I wasn't sure where to leave a comment on it....just getting used to this whole thing...LOL! I did a post similar to that a while back, it is amazing how much that can affect a relationship!! I would love to go to that course!!

Have a great weekend!